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Updated Schedule for Season 12 as of 9/7/2020
Please bare with us as we update - start dates and opening procedures
due to Covid-19. The world has changed so much in such a short time and we are still adjusting on the best way to accommodate and keep all of our dancers healthy and safe. Please review our NEW Covid 19 PROTOCOL.
Due to changes with TEA and start dates for in person classes for school, we have adjusted our start date to coincide.
NEW START DATE:  Tuesday, September 8th 
Our Calendar for Season 12 - dates are subject to change. 
Once I have concrete information - I will share with everyone as the year progresses. 

Open House - Questions and Answers (I will try my best to give answers)

  • Tuesday August 25th - Returning Dancers 2-7pm Ages 3-7

  • Wednesday August 26th - Returning Dancers 2-7pm  Ages 8 & up

  • Thursday August 27th - New Dancers 2-7pm  All Ages

@ Open House : We will have dance wear and shoes on site for purchase. 

We can also review accounts for all returning dancers to make sure your accounts are correct. 

I have applied many adjustments, but have noticed that several are still showing incorrectly.

We will have each dancers accounts printed out - so that we are able to correct everything quickly. We ask for everyones patience. We will be set up in the big studio so that social distancing can be followed. 

SOME CLASS DAYS AND TIMES - will be changing due to Teacher availability.  Those changes will be posted as soon as they are finalized. This will most likely only be effecting Hip Hop and Accelerated Dancers. 

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