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We are looking at new ways to compete.

As we gather new information we will be posting it here. 


To compete at the next level takes lots of dedication and commitment. 

Dancers who compete are often seen as  “elite” and are dancers who specifically devote their time to dance training and  competition.

It is of the utmost importance that each dancer and parent understand the requirements PRIOR to making a decision to participate with a competitive dance company. Younger students are able to participate with specific invitation from the studio owner or competition instructor.


Deciding if your dancer is ready depends on their technique, age, ability, attitude, maturity, motivation, commitment, and strength. Please note that neither age nor friendships will be the main determinant of placement. Dancers must stay on top of their dance technique, knowledge of dance terminology, flexibility, musicality, performance quality, and properly executed leaps, jumps, and turns, or other applicable technique or skills sets placed in dances.

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