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Sparkle Babies Advance

Class Description

We recommend this class for our returning preschool dancers or any dancer joining us this year with prior experience. 

A 45 minute dance class meeting on Monday and Wednesdays containing ballet, tap and acro-dance. They will have a more challenging curriculum and will learn dance terminology, musicality, while working on coordination. 

They will be introduced to the ballet barre as well as across the floor combinations.  Dancers are encourage to use their imagination, creativity and, most of all, have fun! 


Age Restrictions

Sparkle Baby Advance - Dancers must be 4 years  by August 1st 2020. 


Dress Code:

  • Pink Leotard,

  • PInk or Tan Tights

  • PInk leather ballet shoes (Not house slippers)

  • Tan Mary Jane Tap Shoes (Not tie taps)​


Preschool Program

Class Name
Basic Tuition
VIP Tuition


Season 12 Registration (2020-2021)

Registration Requires an annual membership that is due upon enrollment. Your membership fee reserves your dancers place In class. This Fee is Non-Refundable. For more information on our membership options please visit SEASON 12 MEMBERSHIPS. 

Tuition and Payments

We now offer 2 types of tuition plans. You choose the family membership that works best for your family. Please see Membership/Registration Section.

  • The studio calendar and tuition rate is designed to give 34 classes over a 10.5 month period from August to June; the majority of our classes give 34-38 scheduled classes through out the year. We also will have extra rehearsals in May and June to prepare for recital that are not factored in to tuition. We consider these as bonus classes and do not charge extra fees for them. 

  • Once you choose your membership,  the method you’ve chosen may not be changed during the year. 

  • All Lessons are paid for in advance, due the 1st of each month. Late notices will be emailed to all past due accounts on the 10th of the month. There will be a $10 added charge for any account not paid in full by the 10th. This charge will continue to be added each month it remains late.

  • There will be no refunds or deductions for lessons missed. 

  • We accept Cash, Check, Money Order, Visa, MasterCard. There will be a $25 returned check charge for all checks returned from the bank.

What to expect for Recital?

  • Costumes are ordered the week of Thanksgiving due to the number of dancers we have, so that we are able to get them on time for Pictures. 

  • Recital Tickets normally go on sale the 2nd week of May. 

  • The week of Recital the majority of our rehearsals are held at the auditorium. It consists of 2 days of blocking, 1 day of dress rehearsals, and the day of recital. 

  • I try and stick to our rehearsal schedules as much as possible. There are times when we have gone over, or they do amazing and they get to leave earlier. We ask that you have patience with us. 

  • Our recital is produced to run as smooth as possible and for you the parent to enjoy every moment. Since we do 2 recitals, this allows you to be able to sit and enjoy without getting up. 

  • We promise you will be entertained… We love that we have been awarded the best Performing studio in Corpus the last 5 years. We work hard to give you the best recital experience. 

Recital Information

Dancers will participate in 2 recital dances. They will be in a Tap & Ballet. 

PLEASE NOTE - we do not direct or dance with dancers in wings or on stage. So attendance is very important for this age group.

Sparkle Babies Advance Recital Fee

Basic Membership - $250.00*

VIP Membership - ALL-INCLUSIVE - No Fee

Recital fee includes:

  • One Costumes 

  • One Pair of Tights

  • Hair and /or shoe accessories (not shoes)

  • Jewelry

  • 4 tickets to recital (Additional tickets will be available for purchase)

  • 1 full color recital program

  • 1 Recital T-shirt

*Recital Fee will be different if you have more than one dancer and/or additional class. 

Important Dates

Aug 17

Sep 7

Nov 23-27

Dec 21st- Jan 3

Jan 11-18

Mar 8-12

May 31

June 6-12

June 12

June 13

Season 12 Class Begins
Labor Day – Studio Closed
Thanksgiving  - Studio Closed
Christmas – Studio Closed
Livestock – Studio Closed

Spring Break – Studio Closed

Memorial Day – Studio Closed

Tentative Recital Week

Tentative Recital Day

Season 12 Ends

  • Family Discount 10% off 2nd dancer
  • Family Discount 15% off 3rd dancer
  • Active Duty 20% off 
  • Teacher Discount 10% off
Discounts apply towards tuition only.
Family must be immediate in the same household 
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