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  • Buttery soft, handcrafted leather upper is long-lasting and hugs firmly
  • Full-sole construction adds grip to help develop foot muscles
  • Flat pleats and a thin, sueded sole for better floor contact
  • Streamlined shape molds to foot without bunching
  • Anchored drawstring adjusts for wide/narrow feet and growth spurts
  • Pre-sewn elastic strap with velvety, brushed underside for comfort
  • Breathable cotton lining to help regulate foot temperature
  • Offered in street shoe sizes, a time-saving feature we call SizeEasy


SKU: w400
  • All sizes not available will be ordered on the following dates:

    orders placed 8/2-8/5 will be ordered on 8/6/2021

    orders placed 8/6-8/8 will be ordered on 8/9/2021

    orders placed 8/9-8/10 will be orderd on 8/11/2021

    Last day to place order to have shoes on 1st day of class will be 8/10.

    All orders place after 8/10 will arrive after the dance season has started. 


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