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Your quest for the perfect Dance School can end right here. Our extensive list of classes includes many types of dance and a variety of skill levels, so rest assured there’s an option that’s perfect for you. We’re constantly updating our offerings, so check back often to make sure you don’t miss out on a new dance opportunity.

We consider it a privilege to participate in a community for the performing art of dance and will exemplify the values of acceptance and Inclusion: Inspiring, Nurturing, Compassion, Loved, Unity, Safe, Inviting, Optimistic, and Noble Having “perfect” students and being the studio that wins the biggest trophies is NOT our focus.  However, we will produce dancers that have confidence in themselves and their abilities, that learn respect and acceptance of others through the joy of dance. Above all, I want every student to feel safe and empowered, within the walls of Teffany’s Dance Studio.

We are constantly trying to find the balance so our dancers can have the “best of both worlds”, allowing dancers to dance recreationally,  competitively and yet still have a “life outside of the studio.”  

September 2017 Dancer Spotlight


Ashlyn has been with Teffany’s Dance Studio since 2009. She started dance at 3 years old. This year, she will celebrate her 9th year of dance… She continues to grow each and every year.  


Ms. Teffany: What is a Life lesson learned you from dance?

Ashlyn: I learned that when you work hard for something, that is makes it that much more worth it in the end. 


Ms. Teffany: What is your 1st memory from dance?

Ashlyn: My first memory from dance was my first nationals on a cruise ship. When I did my first solo, I remember being really excited to be on stage. 


Ms. Teffany: What is your favorite genre of dance? 

Ashlyn: My favorite is Contemporary


Ms. Teffany: Who is your favorite dancer? 

Ashlyn: My favorite dancer is Tate McRae.


Photo credit: Priscilla Martinez

Dancer: Ashlyn Martinez

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