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Sparkle 1st/2nd Th530

This is your dancer's information page.

Make sure your dancers name is spelled correctly.

If you DO NOT see your dancer's name.

This is not their class. 

Sparkle 1/2 TH530

Arabella Zarate

Aria Davila

Brandi Garcia

Charleigh Nelson

Charleigh Nix

Hadley McNiel

Khari Cavaness

Lilliana Ramon

Paola Najera

Rlee Bernal

Ryleigh Chavera

Rehearsal & Recital Info

Monday 8am-5pm

REHEARSALS AT Church of Hope
Friday (Time will be updated soon)

Recital Day @ Church of Hope
Saturday, June 11, 2021
Call Time 1:00PM (come ready)
Show Starts @ 2:00PM
Show will be from 2-4pm

Screen Shot 2022-06-04 at 6.20.03 PM.png

Map from Studio to Church of Hope

  • Here you will find the helpful hints to making your child’s Recital day the most memorable experience for everyone!

  • DO NOT LET DANCERS EAT IN COSTUME!  They can only drink water while in costume.

  • Be careful when putting them in carseat. VELCRO does not like TIGHTS! THERE ARE NO SPARE TIGHTS!

  • Label your dancers shoes on the inside (Not on the outside or underneath)

  • Give yourself time to park the day of Recital. The last thing you want to do is rush! 

  • Make sure your dancer is well rested and have had a snack prior to getting ready for recital. 

  • We invite you to take as many pictures as you would like before and after the show in front of our STEP and REPEAT, but please do not take any Flash Photography during the show. It can be very dangerous for the dancers on stage, not to mention distracting to the guests around you. Please make sure you let your family and friends know this, as well.

  • Make a day of the Recital! It’s a celebration of how hard your dancer has worked this entire year. Their excitement has been building all year for this one day! There are great restaurants in our area; the recital is scheduled at a perfect time, so that you and your family and friends can make plans for dinner to celebrate. 

Ticket Info

Stage Line up is Provided for you so know the

best place for your family to sit.  Coming Soon.

All Accounts must have a zero balance to get tickets. 

Each Family is allotted 4 tickets, Unless you have more than one dancer.

1 dancer - 4 tickets

2 dancers - 6 tickets

3 dancers - 7 tickets

  • Your dancer will not be sitting with you. 

  • Your dancer must stay the entire show,

  • No One is allowed backstage. 

EACH FAMILY (NOT DANCER) Can purchase an additional 3 tickets. Additional tickets must be purchase when claiming alloted tickets. All seats will be assigned, so that we avoid chaos and long lines. No one has to get in line to wait for the doors to open.  ADDITIONAL TICKETS $25.00/TICKET - CASH ONLY (NO CHECKS, NO VENMO or CREDIT CARDS) CASH ONLY

Audience Ettiquette

Please share with your families.

  • If you must leave the room, please leave between numbers.

  • No Food or Drink in the Audience.

  • No Fat Heads (Big Signs of your kids)

  • No cowboy hats that will block the persons view from behind you. 

  • No Flash Photography - For the safety of our dancers.

  • Do Not lift phones above head to video.

  • Everyone must remain seated. PLEASE DO Not Stand up.

Please be mindful of the people around you. If child starts to cry, please exit the auditorium. 2 and under do not need a ticket. 

Get your tickets: 

  • Monday, June 6th 7-8am & 6-8pm

  • Tuesday, June 7th 7-8am & 6-8pm

  • Thursday, June 9th 6-8pm

Claiming your tickets, if you only want your allotted tickets, we can select your seats for the side your dancer is on. They will bring them home on the day they practice. If you are wanting to purchase extra, you can send the cash with them or you have to do it personally between 6-8pm on Monday & Tuesday.  I will not be selling tickets during rehearsals.



Donut Bun on Top of Head
See tutorial

Make Up - see tutorial
Eyes - Smokey Natural Brown
Countoured Cheeks (Dusty Rose)
Lipstick should match lip color
Mascara/eyeliner see video
Costume will come with Tights
See Picture Shown
Suntan Tights

Tan Jazz Shoes
Tan Mary Jane Taps

  • No Jewelry
  • No Nail polish
  • No Panties
  • No Tattoos

Dry Shampoo or Spray wax
This will help with texture so hair stays in place. 


Our Costumes will be delivered this week. 
Our original custom order that was placed in December (Costumes we hand selected last November in Dallas), had an updated ship date for July. I had to switch out our costumes for costumes on hand in order to get them for recital. Unfortunately this was way out of my control and I tried and did everything in my power to get them to magically appear.  
It saddens me that the last costume company we had that had "Made in the USA" costumes closed last May. 

Practice Music & Videos

Videos and Music will be posted on Monday 6/6

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