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  • All Acro students must be enrolled in a dance technique class. 

  • Hip Hop Only students are not eligible for acro.

  • Ballet Only students are allowed to enroll in Acro.

Teffany’s Dance Studio Is proud to be the only certified Acrobatic Arts studio in Corpus Christi. 

What is AcroDance? 

AcroDance is an art form specifically for dancers. Acro has softer, more lyrical looking lines, with the emphasis being on lengthening “through” the tricks and holding pretty balances with interesting variations. In Acro, we teach our students to dance into and out of Acro tricks, with minimal obvious “prep” before and after a trick. Despite being technically difficult to execute, acrobatic tricks are meant to blend in seamlessly with dance steps, providing an extra level of excitement and flair to dance choreography.

Dancers perform acrobatic tricks on a hard stage, and must train the body to be able to withstand the impact of the hard floor. Dancers don’t get the “rebound” action out of a hard floor like gymnasts do out of a spring-floor. Therefore, dancers must train to get the necessary lift from their bodies to safely make their tricks look light and effortless. Emphasis on a strong ‘hub” (hips, glutes, core), and full extension through the body up into the air, is a must for an acrobat to be able to perform tricks that flow effortlessly through their dance.

If you do not live in Corpus and would love to know who in your area holds this certification, you can find it here-

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